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Ozone Barbers

Your No.1 Afro, Caribbean and European Barber Shop in Gillingham

You are welcome to Ozone Barbing Salon, we encourage you to book an Appointment on our website for a quick service and reduced waiting time. At Ozone Barber Shop our service is in compliance with all the applied covid19 rules. Furthermore we also observe the required social distancing to ensure safety for all.

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About Us

Ozone Barber in Gillingham

Ozone Barber is a renown Afro Caribbean and European Barber Shop in Gillingham Kent. We don’t just stop at cutting your hair, we are professionally trained to bring out the beauty in you. We are fully committed in serving you by providing a hygienic environment fully ventilated and standard enough to meet up with the present pandemic requirements.

Decent looks
Modern Hair Cut


Children Cut

We professionally handle Children of any Age hair cut and transform their looks

Foreign Hair Shaving

With our professional diversity, we can shave any kind of hair from different origin

Adult Full Hair Cut

Our Adult Hair cut includes Mustache shave, Beards making you look very nice

Ozone Female Section

At Ozone Barber Shop, we also have a Female Section where ladies are immaculately beautify to a standard requirement. We take care of all kinds of female hair from treatment, traditional weaving, African hair style etc

" Ozone Barbers (Steve) is a massive 👌 transformer. Very fast and rapid service. Walk into the shop and got served immediately, Steve is the best."

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